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What are we doing today ?

It's the holidays and here are MyLocalExchange's answers to that perennial question, WHAT ARE WE DOING TODAY ? There are loads of things to do and places to visit and here are just some of them .......

1 Cinema

Perfect for a rainy day or just to keep them quiet. Our local ones are Banbury, Bicester, Milton Keynes & Northampton. We've listed all their details in our business directory just for you. Just click here.

2 Stately Homes & Gardens, National Trusts & Castles

There is always something going on at one of our local stately piles .... and there are alot of them on our doorstep. Always a favourite is Waddesdon Manor. Why ? Fab woodland playground, great restaurants, fairytale-esq house, and a Rothschild Wine Shop, so you can't really go wrong. Check out what's on at Blenheim Palace & Stowe too. And don't forget Warwick Castle & Oxford Castle Unlocked

3 Sky diving to trampolining

Looking to thrill, excite and wear them out what about:

4 Maybe something to get their imagination going ?

For the younger ones the Roahl Dahl Musuem & Story Centre and for the older ones Bletchley Park and for everyone The Ashmolean and The Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford.

And don't miss out on Harry Potter World, perfect for wizards of all ages (top tip, take a pack lunch, as food expensive and not that fab).

5 Talk to the animals

Fancy meeting an exotic animal ? Then take a trip to the Cotswold Wildlife Park or Woburn Safari Park.

6 Become a tourist for the day by ......

And of course there is always a trip to London.

7 Parks more theme than green

You know they want to ... even if you don't.

8 And Finally

Don't forget to check out our very own What's On page .... it's just brimming with lots of lovely stuff to see and do.


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